Linkway Thoroughfare

Linkway® Thoroughfare - Instant Postcode Look-up

Linkway® Thoroughfare is a set of system software and data designed to enable applications running on the HP e3000, HP9000 and MS Windows™ platforms to lookup complete postal addresses from a Royal Mail postcode.

Advantages of Linkway® Thoroughfare:

  • Reduce staff time keying in addresses.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, leading to greater loyalty and therefore value.
  • Reduced production and postage costs through elimination of duplicate records, undeliverables and gone aways from your mailing files.
  • Maximize postage discounts from Royal Mail Mailsort services for your volume mailings.

Who should use Linkway® Thoroughfare:

  • Organizations with high volume customer services departments.
  • Users of interactive Web Sites.

Example User Industries:

  • Airlines.
  • Catalogue Sales.
  • Tour Operators.
  • Insurance.
  • Financial.

What Linkway® Thoroughfare includes:

  • Interface Application Software.
  • License to use Royal Mail database from Computing Solutions Limited.
  • Monthly Royal Mail database updates from Computing Solutions Limited.
  • Interface Application Software Support and updates.

Click HERE for the Linkway® Thoroughfare Brochure as a plug in or downloadable Adobe 4.x Portable Document (88kb)

Demonstration Web based application