Linkway Email EDI

Linkway® Email EDi - Connectivity At Your Fingertips!

The role of Linkway® Email EDi is to automate the input of data sent by partners via email to a HP e3000 or other server. Thus the routine exchange of data between partners is integrated with your main business server, through a common interface

Advantages of Linkway® Email EDi:

  • Partners need only know how to generate a standard email.
  • Robust 24x7 unmanned automation of EDi.
  • Eliminate third party hosting fees (traditional EDi costs).
  • Internet based (enhance return from existing connectivity).
  • Highly Secure.
  • Open Standards Based (RFC#822 email, MAPI32, ODBC, CSV, PGP).

Who should use Linkway® Email EDi:

  • Users of interactive Web Sites, integration of front and back office systems.
  • 'Partner', 'Distributor', 'Dealer' based trading companies.

Example usage of Linkway® Email EDi:

A remote agent resells products via his own agents.

The system allows the main agent to notify all changes of data about the sub-agents, and then report all sales (and subsequent updates to data) on a frequent regular basis (usually 2 times per day). The sales may be in multiple currencies and countries.

The data is sent as CSV files in a pre-agreed format, in PGP encrypted email, offering a secure form of transmission of data.

The Linkway® Email EDi product:

  • de-encrypts the email and its attachments.
  • pokes each CSV into the relevant table of a Microsoft database.
  • Initiates a process that will:
  • Expand the input tables to add data such as prices and local part numbers.
  • Vet the data for validity and initiate actions for any failures.
  • Post the expanded data into the mainframe database with suitable audit records.
  • Create a log of its own activities.
  • Post copies of its data to archive tables.
  • E-mail to customer services about sub-agent's details changes.
  • E-mail to IT for automated logging of process completion.
  • Initiate process on mainframe to e-mail about results of the process
  • Archive a copy of the data received (with date/time stamp added).
  • Return to menu for next batch.

Example User Industries:

  • Users of interactive Web Sites, integration of front and back office systems.
  • 'Partner', 'Distributor', 'Dealer' based trading companies.

What Linkway® Email EDi includes:

  • Linkway® Email EDi Application.
  • One day on-site configuration and training.
  • Documentation.
  • Phone and web based support.
  • Version Updates.