Linkway Connect User Stories

Linkway® User Stories. 

These stories are linked to HP's case studies on ODBC.

Front End to ManMan Running on HP e3000
Intranet Front End to ManMan Running on HP e3000.

At the Horsham (UK) Manufacturing facility of Applied Materials, after installing LINKWAY CONNECT, an ODBC driver for HP e3000 Image databases, it became possible to develop an Intranet front end for ManMan capable of not only Reporting but incorporating all the Transaction and day to day business processing functionality. Using Amazon, a web based development environment, an Intranet environment was built specifically to front end ManMan running on the HP e3000.

The Amazon applications run on an NT4 server, communicate with databases using SQL and LINKWAY CONNECT, and serve up HTML and Java to the clients' browser.

Within nine months, much of the Manufacturing reporting functionality, some of the Manufacturing transaction/maintenance functionality, General Ledger Reporting and some entirely new systems have been developed in this environment.

The technical skills used in this development have been:

  • HTML coding
  • Java applet - design and coding
  • Amazon Business Rules application design and development
  • SQL construction
  • Image database - design and creation
  • Creation of the DBE environments for all the ManMan databases and Extension databases

Enhanced Reporting and Data Extraction.

Developing in the Intranet environment, here at Applied Materials' Horsham Manufacturing facility, it has been possible to greatly enhance the functionality of ManMan, the legacy system. For example, a screen was developed to display a Bill of Materials in a Tree/Tab view style. The exploded BOM is represented by the Tree view, with each node (expandable/collapsible) representing an assembly. The user is able click on any assembly and the Components, Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Order Demand information is all available in the Tab view. Further development for this screen is planned which will enable the user to click on a any item (say, a Purchase order number) in the tab view which will then throw up another window with all the detailed information of that Purchase Order.

General Ledger Interface

Applied Materials Corporate implemented a new system to analyse and produce financial reports on all the subsidiaries. Previously, the local general ledger data had been extracted via Omniview into Excel spreadsheets and then rolled up into the old system. A new configurable interface system was developed in the Intranet environment, which produced the files ready for upload directly from the ManMan general ledger. The old process would take about 45 minutes per file and often failed. The new interface produced the files in around 2 minutes and to date has never failed. The added bonus, upon the introduction of this system, was that we no longer needed Omniview, which meant a saving a several thousand pounds per annum on the MIS budget.

Sequencing of Material to the Cell Build Process

The Cell assembly process takes place over four days and the aim of this system was to sequence the delivery of the material to the cell on the day it was required. This was done by assigning a sequence number to each part on a work order and modifying the stores pick reports to use this sequence number. An extension Image database was designed and built to work alongside the standard ManMan databases in order to store all the sequencing information. All the transaction processing, maintenance and reporting functionality was developed in the Intranet environment previously described. The main benefit of this system was to stop the Cell build area being 'choked' with material.