Linkway Connect

Linkway® Connect - Connectivity At Your Fingertips!

Developed by Experts, Used by Professionals, Linkway® CONNECT is the perfect Windows Interface to your HP 3000 Enterprise Server.

Personal Computers dominate today's computer environment, typically providing end-user solutions and IT Management headaches. Users all over the world take advantage of the benefits offered by Windows based products to use and manipulate data. Now, with Linkway® CONNECT, you can make those applications interact directly with your HP e3000 and Image data.

CSL is the world's foremost supplier of this technology to HP e3000 users. From Data Warehousing to Internet Development, users all over the world are discovering that the power of Linkway® CONNECT provides the safest, simplest and most controllable PC to HP e3000 integration.

There are lots of reasons to use Linkway® CONNECT.

Linkway® CONNECT is the perfect Windows interface to your HP e3000 creating opportunities for enhancing information management. Linkway® CONNECT is the data management tool that enables any PC within the enterprise to take advantage of the power and reliability of your HP e3000. Professional Design and Implementation.

HP 3000 Users and systems managers from five continents have set the design criteria for Linkway® CONNECT so ensuring the flexibility and versatility required for information management into the next millennium. Controlled two-way interaction with critical business data is being managed by progressive HP e3000 organisations that are using information to gain competitive business advantage.

Linkway® CONNECT Windows enabling software will provide unprecedented power and capability to your user community. It will revolutionise how your HP e3000 systems are utilised. Let Linkway® CONNECT change your world forever.

How would you use Windows Applications on your HP e3000 Systems?

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