Linkway Tools

Delivering Cost Effective Tools addressing real Business Problems

Over the decades of providing clients with bespoke business solutions we have developed a 'kit-bag' of tools that have helped us. We'd like to introduce you to some of them:

Toolsets used from the Linkway® Family

  • Linkway SQL Server Job Monitor
  • Linkway Connect - 'The' ODBC driver for HP MPE Image databases
  • Linkway BridgeMaster - Allows legacy HP3000 Cobol code to reach SQL databases
  • Linkway Aline - Copy and synchronise a legacy COBOL database to SQL Server
  • Linkway Excel Transfer - Create Excel up/down loads without exposing the database to users
  • Linkway Thoroughfare (subject to Royal Mail PAF licence) for postcode to GPS translation, or Address verification/completion
  • Linkway Email EDI
  • Linkway Application Factory